How to get rid of BING

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How to get rid of BING

Сообщение Akvinat » Вт июн 29, 2010 9:23 pm

"Microsoft's new Bing search engine showed an amazing number of users for a brand new search engine, after Microsoft hi-jacked the search functions of all web browsers installed on a Windows PC after a "2nd Tuesday of the month Windows Update". "

Если в вашем браузере поисковик по умолчанию (тот, что запускается при наборе слова в адресной строке) вдруг сменился на Бинг, и вам это не нравится, избавиться от него можно следующим образом:

"Copy either of the links below. You will need one to paste in the string value box to switch back to Google.

First choice: ... &gfns=1&q=

This will pull up Google "Browse by Name" (Automatically takes you to sites with a clear match, else performs a Google search)

Second choice

This takes you to Google Search (Google search results page)

Now that you have the url for the Google search you want,
type about:config in search bar. Click on the I promise to be careful box. Type keyword.URL in the filter box. Highlight then right click the keyword.URL showing in the results. Click modify. This will pull up a string value box for the keyword.url. Paste in your choice!! Close Firefox and open again." ... &forumId=1
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